# 126:

Logic cannot reason away
the wounds of the heart.

~ Russ Allison Loar
© All Rights Reserved


When I was eight I dreamed I was standing outside my school on the grass with my classmates, waiting for my mother to pick me up. The boys and girls around me began to sink silently into the ground. Where each had stood, a tombstone rose. I was alone, surrounded by tombstones.

Now that I am older, the tombstones are real.
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Life Went On

It was Sunday,
And many millions
Living in the most powerful nation on Earth
Spent most of the day
Watching the big football game on television,
Screaming at the electronic moving pictures of football players
Running back and forth and sideways,
Trying desperately,
Valiantly to get hold of the football
And take it to one end,
Or the other,
Of the flat grassy lawn.

The next day,
Life went on,
Much as it had before.

~ Russ Allison Loar
© All Rights Reserved

# 210:

The obligation of a leader
is not to pretend virtue,
but to be virtuous.

~ Russ Allison Loar
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The road to sainthood
is paved with sin.

~ by Russ Allison Loar
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